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TALON Family of Robots Introduces Two-Way Hailer

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TALON Family of Robots Introduces Two-Way Hailer

Waltham, Mass. -– QinetiQ North America, makers of the leading TALON® family of military/first-responder robots, announced today that it has created a two-way hailer capability for its robots that makes them more effective in a variety of scenarios because it enables the robot operator to “listen” and “speak” with high fidelity and volume control.

Initial systems have been delivered to the SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics) teams of police departments in Texas and Florida.

Developed by QinetiQ North America’s Technology Solutions Group, the enhanced hailer provides secure encrypted two-way wireless audio communications between a TALON robot and an operator up to 2,600 feet (800 meters) line-of-sight away. Two-way conversations can be conducted at four volume levels from whisper mode to loud. The 120-decibel siren can be used to warn, distract, or disrupt voice communications. The two-way hailer is easy to install on a TALON and can be quickly transferred from one TALON to another.

“We feel our new, two-way hailer will be particularly useful for military checkpoints, building clearance, barricaded suspects, hostage negotiations and emergency evacuations, in short any situation where there’s a need for urgent, two-way communication that might need to be whispered or shouted,” said Dr. William Ribich, President of QinetiQ North America’s Technology Solutions Group.

The TALON two-way hailer is controlled via a portable, wearable control unit that is completely separate from the robot control unit. It can be attached to a utility belt or vest using its Molle straps. The clip-on two-way handset broadcasts and receives audio to and from the TALON. The hailer’s hand-held controller adjusts the handset and broadcast volume levels as well as activates the siren and auxiliary input. The auxiliary input can be connected to an MP3 player or laptop computer for playback of recorded messages or loud music.

TALON Two-Way Hailer at a Glance

• Volume adjustable two-way communications

• Police/Fire siren included

• Easy to install and remove

• Operates independently of the TALON operator control unit

• Continuous remote listening when not broadcasting

• Secure encrypted digital communication prevents third-party intervention

• Auxiliary audio input for MP3 player or laptop

Since TALON’s initial deployment in 2000, the QinetiQ North America family of robots has expanded to include small, medium and large unmanned vehicles that can be configured for specific tasks, such as IED defeat, CBRNE/hazmat identification, reconnaissance, combat engineering support and SWAT/MP unit assistance. Today, more than 2,500 TALON robots are deployed around the world, surpassing any other military robot.

QinetiQ NA

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