Supacat Demonstrates Jackal ISTAR

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Jackal ISTAR

Supacat, working in conjunction with Thales, recently demonstrated their joint prototype Jackal ISTAR variant at the Owning the Night Exhibition at Bisley on 10/11 Nov 09.

The system demonstrates the joint team's capability to easily integrate advanced weapons and sensor systems onto a Supacat Jackal recce platform to significantly enhance the ISTAR capability on offer.

Using a Supacat platform in the UK MoD's Jackal 2 configuration, the system was fitted with the Kongsberg Protector Remote Weapon Station (RWS) that has already been procured for two UK MOD programmes and also the newly developed and now in service Remote Optical Target Acquisition System (ROTAS) that incorporates the Catherine Mega Pixel thermal camera, high zoom colour TV camera and the Celt laser. This allows for accurate lased ranges to targets combining with the GNAV sat Nav system for precise target and own vehicle grid referencing. The system is fully qualified and now in service on the Talisman Route proving & Clearance programme.

The demonstration successfully proved the maturity of the products for easy installation onto the Supacat Jackal aimed at the recce role of Jackals on operations. The proposition is that teams will install a fleet mix of RWS and/or masts to give the FIND & Strike capabilities at the same time bringing the traditional top mounted pintal gunner into the protected mine blast seating and seat harnessing without compromising his situational awareness. The recent integration has demonstrated the benefits of stabilised weapons systems and also now includes helmet mounted displays for the vehicle commander who presently sits next to the driver. The team has conducted separate live firing trials that have proven the immense capability enhancement offered by stabilised systems with ‘fire on the move' functionality. The system integration has been designed to enable the system or part-system to be easily fitted and removed or re-configured in-theatre.

The Kongsberg Protector RWS has the following functions:

• Slew to Cue

• Single shot capability modes of fire

• Full stabilisation fire on the move

• Laser pointer for target hand off etc

• High power spotlight with IR filters

• Multi weapon fits GPMG,HMG,GMG

• Auto tracking

• Ballistic calculations so no aim off or correction routin



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