Cobra-1600 EOD UGV for the first time entered service brigade of the Russian army

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Remote controlled Cobra-1600 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unmanned Ground Vehicle (EOD UGV), for the first time entered service brigade of the Russian army.

Cobra-1600 EOD UGV is used for visual reconnaissance, search and primary diagnosis of suspicious objects with cameras, and special attachments. For the evacuation of neutralized explosive devices, the UGV is equipped with special containers. Also, the robot is used in performing technological operations to provide access to potentially dangerous objects.

The UGV is controlled both by cable and by radio, depending on the situation. The duration of the robot's continuous operation is four to eight hours. The tracked platform allows the Cobra-1600 to overcome 160 mm vertical obstacles and fording up to 120 mm water deep.

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