Commencement of Series Production of BMD-4

Category: Defence Industry

BMD-4 Bakhcha-U

The Volgograd Tractor Plant begins series production of the chassis of the air-borne infantry fighting vehicle BMD-4 Bakhcha-U. Final assembly, roll-off, and hand-over to the customer of the new fighting vehicle will be carried out by the Tula Instrument Design Bureau.

Volume of the production of the chassis will gradually increase. The enterprise is simultaneously involved in the scheduled repair and upgrade of BMD-1, BMD-2, and BMD-3 vehicles. The upgraded BMD-1 becomes equal in its capabilities to the BMD-2.

The BMD-4 is intended to carry out high-mobility offensive and defensive actions both autonomously and in interaction with other types of armoured fighting vehicles of the air-borne troops, as well as with other fighting systems. The crew of the Bakhcha-U consists of 2 persons plus 5 troops. The vehicle is fitted with a multi-fuel diesel engine that enables it to move at a speed of up to 70 km/h. The cruising range is 500 km.

The vehicle is armed with a 30mm 2A42 gun, 100 mm low-pressure gun, 9M11 Konkurs ATGW, Arkan ATGW, AG-17 Plamya grenade launcher, 7.62mm PKT machine gun, and 5.45mm RPKS-74 machine gun.

Sergyi Way

AGS-17 PLAMYA (Automatic grenade launcher)