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RAFAEL supplies armored WOLVES to the IDF

Category: Defence Industry

WOLF multi-purpose LAV

The Israel Ministry of Defense has confirmed it has placed an order for the WOLF, Light Armored Vehicle (LAV). RAFAEL Armament Development Authority Ltd, designer of the WOLF, will act as prime contractor with the "Hatehof" company serving as main subcontractor.

The contract is valued at about $14M.

The WOLF is a multi-purpose LAV built on the frame of a 4X4 commercial vehicle with an automatic gearbox. The armor envelope is built independently from the chassis, so it is possible to use the same armor envelope on another chassis (of the same model) when the chassis goes out of service. By modifying the interior section of the WOLF, it is possible to change the function of the vehicle; i.e. to an ambulance, rescue vehicle, logistics or command vehicle.

The WOLF is intended to replace the IDF's existing light, logistic, troop transport vehicles such as the Command Car. It will provide improved safety and protection to those troops being transported.

The production of the WOLF will take place mainly at "Hatehof" in Israel and at "Force Protection" in the US, owing to their special expertise in vehicle manufacturing. The combined production in Israel and the US enables, on the one hand, greater employment possibilities in developing areas within Israel and the use of FMF funds on the other.


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