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New Bushmaster Vehicles to Be Deployed to Iraq

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ADI Bushmaster

Up to 10 new Bushmaster vehicles will be deployed to southern Iraq with the Al Muthanna Task Group to provide additional transport protection for ADF personnel.

Defence Minister Robert Hill said the state-of-the-art vehicles will be used to provide enhanced protection to logistic personnel deployed to the southern province this month. "The Bushmasters will be in addition to the 40 ASLAVs drawn primarily from 1st Brigade in Darwin," Senator Hill said. "The Army`s new Bushmaster vehicles are currently being prepared for deployment and are expected to be loaded for transport to Iraq later this month.

This will be the first operational deployment for the vehicles, although an earlier version was trialed in East Timor. "The vehicles are designed to transport troops and provide protection against mortars and small arms ammunition. They have also been designed to deflect the effects of a landmine explosion, providing a high level of protection to soldiers on the battlefield. "The Bushmasters on the Iraq deployment will also be fitted with enhanced protection against fragmentation. "ADI and the Defence Materiel Organisation have worked hard and consistently over three years to produce a good vehicle that is Australian designed and manufactured and that Army has great confidence in.

" Each vehicle is being fitted with a weapon station capable of mounting the Army`s light machine guns. The Bushmaster can maintain speeds in excess of 90 km/h on Australian roads with a range of more than 500km carrying nine infantry soldiers.


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Bushmaster II/MK44 (Gun)

Bushmaster M242 (Gun)

Bushmaster/KBA (Gun)

Bushmaster II (Gun)

Bushmaster (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)

ASLAV-25 (Infantry fighting vehicle)

ASLAV-PC (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)

ASLAV-C (Command vehicle)

ASLAV-F (Engineer vehicle)

ASLAV-S (Repair and recovery vehicle)

ASLAV-A (Ambulance vehicle)

Bushmaster III (Gun)

Bushmaster III 35 (Gun)

M242 Bushmaster / LW25 (Gun)

Bushmaster III 50 (Gun)

Bushmaster .50 (Gun)

MK44 30 Bushmaster (Gun)

MK44 40 Bushmaster (Gun)

Bushmaster Copperhead (Truck)

Bushmaster ACSV (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)

ASLAV-AD (Command vehicle)

Bushmaster IV (Gun)

Bushmaster IMV (Mine clearing vehicle)

GAU-23 Bushmaster (Gun)

Bushmaster Chain Gun (Machine gun)

Bushmaster Gen 2 (Seat)

Bushmaster MR6 (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)


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Indiana Jones
18:00 20.10.2005

I see Tenix Defence Systems is advertising that they manufactured the ASLAV Family of Vehicles when in fact these vehicles were built By General Dynamics Land Systems. Tenix may have painted the Phase 3 vehicles and designed and fitted the Mission role kits but were subcontracted by GDLS-Aust. Also your website shows an ASLAV 25 with Bar Armour fitted, something that Tenix had absolutely nothing to do with.

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