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New UN Model Transport Regulations to Include Millennium Cell Fuel Cartridges

Category: Future Technologies

Eatontown -- Millennium Cell Inc. (NASDAQ:MCEL), a leading developer of hydrogen battery technology, announced today that new regulations for the commercial transport of sodium borohydride-based fuel cartridges for fuel cells were approved by the United Nations Subcommittee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods at its semi-annual meeting in Geneva last week.

Formal ratification by the full UN Committee of Experts is scheduled for December.

The model regulations will be used by countries around the world to establish shipping requirements for fuel cartridges containing sodium borohydride. The new UN shipping name, number and packaging instructions also will assist international air transport authorities in developing regulations to allow passengers to carry and use these cartridges on-board airplanes.

"This approval will provide our licensees a clearer and more definitive pathway for shipping hydrogen batteries in bulk or small quantities. This UN action is also a key next step in the approval process for in-cabin passenger use of hydrogen batteries, especially as we and our partners continue to design and develop these products for use in consumer electronics applications," noted Adam P. Briggs, Millennium Cell President.

Millennium Cell Inc.

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Millennium Cell Inc.


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