Training And Simulators

FATS, Inc. and Lockheed Martin Continue to Collaborate on Virtual Combat Convoy Training Systems

ATLANTA - Nov 9, 2005 - FATS, Inc. announced today that it has received a $1.1 million order from Lockheed Martin to provide simulation training systems for the Virtual Combat Convoy Trainer (VCCT). The U.S. Army Combined Arms Command (CASCOM) ordered one complete VCCT suite from Lockheed Martin for delivery in November 2005.

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Training And Simulators

RUAG strengthens live simulation activities

Berne -- The RUAG technology group is to become one of Europe's top providers of high-quality two-way laser systems. On 1 January 2006 RUAG will take over the activities of the specialist laser technology company C.O.E.L. GmbH of Wedel, Hamburg.

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Training And Simulators

Arotech awarded over $1M for logistical support of driving simulators

Arotech Corporation announced that its Simulation and Security Division, through its FAAC subsidiary, has received orders totaling over $1 million for contractor logistical support of its driving simulator contracts.

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Training And Simulators

Lockheed Martin Receives U.S. Army Order For Four Additional Virtual Combat Convoy Trainers

ORLANDO, FL, June 27, 2005 -- The U.S. Army has awarded Lockheed Martin a 12-month service contract valued at $4.2 million for a suite of four Virtual Combat Convoy Trainers (VCCT). The trainer is used to train troops for convoy operations in hostile environments, and will be built at Lockheed Martin Simulation, Training & Support in Orlando.

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Training And Simulators

Canadian Forces Members to Participate in International Training Exercise in Ukraine

The aim of CBE-05 is to develop individual and small field unit light infantry skills needed for NATO-led multinational peace support operations. Canadian soldiers are training as sections within international platoons in a variety of tasks such as patrolling, medical evacuation, search operations, convoy escorts, interacting with media, and the preparation and operation of check points and observation posts.

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Training And Simulators

BAE SYSTEMS Successfully Demonstrates WOLFPACK

NASHUA, N.H. -- BAE Systems recently completed its final demonstration of the current phase of the WolfPack program to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and other government officials at the Fallon Range Training Complex in Nevada.

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Training And Simulators

Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau offers a new training system

Ukrainian enterprise - SOE KMDB - offers a new training system for the personnel of armoured equipment - mobile crew simulator. The mobile simulator can be a universal means for training of the armoured equipment personnel.

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Training And Simulators

Principles of Design of the Fighting Vehicle Crew Training Aids

The latest years have seen a considerable increase in the use of computer-based equipment for training of the personnel of the Land Army, Navy, Air Force and Air Defence Force. Based on the gained experience, one can determine the most popular hierarchic structure of computer-based armoured vehicle crew training aids as well as the general principles of their design.

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Training And Simulators

The Ukrainian Army Switches to More Efficient Methods of Personnel Training

The user acceptance trials of the up-to-date computer-based T-64 crew training simulators have been successfully completed at the Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau (the T-64 MBTs are the core element of Ukraine's Armoured Corps).

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