Texplorer GmbH

Type of activity:
Protection Systems
Contact: Gerd Hexels

Van-der-Upwich Str. 37,

Phone: +49 2153 9540 0
Fax: +49 2153 9540 70

Texplorer GmbH was founded in 1998 in Nettetal, Germany, to develop highly technical and innovative solutions for the protection and camouflage of people and objects. With a team of specialists representing all phases of design, development and production, Texplorer is able to focus efforts to field high quality and highly technical products in a short period of time.

The main field of business of Texplorer GmbH can be divided into three segments:

1. Functional Textiles.

Classic products such as foul weather garments with special features in the visual and near infrared; particular emphasis is also put on the field sweat management. For example, the proprietary Hydro process allows moisture to move along fibres away from the skin, thus, improving the rate of evaporation and the comfort of the soldier.

2. CB protective system Spiratec.

In co-operation with the US laboratory Natick Texplorer¨ has developed a new generation of CB protective garments. The garment is based on a selectively permeable membrane (SPM technology) which allows water vapor to penetrate, however blocks all known war agents.

3. Signature Management.

Texplorer¨ also has extensive knowledge in the field of protection against opto-electronic devices covering the range NIR to radar. Products include Spectralflage¨ - 2D camouflage net and Ghost¨ - personal protection.

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