Marioff Corporation Oy

Type of activity:
Fire Fighting Equipment

P.O.Box 25
FIN-01511 Vantaa

Phone: +358 9 870 851
Fax: +358 9 870 853 99


Marioff is the leading supplier and developer of water-mist fire protection systems. Marioff's HI-FOG high-pressure, Class 1, water mist technology is based on rigorous full-scale fire testing, hundreds of patents and approvals by approval bodies. It ensures fast suppression or extinguishment of the fire, radiant heat blocking to prevent fire spreading, minimised water damage to buildings and equipment, and safety for people and the environment.

The mist is delivered at a high velocity, achieved with pressures up to 140 bar, using small-bore stainless steel tubing and high-pressure pumps or charged nitrogen cylinders.

Application-specific HI-FOG systems

* passenger ships

* cargo vessels

* turbine enclosures

* offshore applications

* machinery spaces

* computer and telecom rooms

* hotels and offices

* museums and heritage buildings

* aircraft hangars

* industrial wet benches

Newest applications include a concept for unlimited volumes of machinery spaces, tested and witnessed by approval bodies at Marioff's own fire test laboratory in over 3000m3 volume.

Innovative HI-FOG Smoke Scrubbing systems have been found to effectively remove smoke and corrosive gases from computer rooms and sub-floor areas. HI-FOG systems are engineered to meet IMO and NFPA 750 standards and they have received the widest collection of approvals for water-mist applications in the industry from FM Global, DNV, LR, BVand GL.

Marioff currently markets and sells HIFOG systems in ten countries directly to end customers through subsidiary companies to ensure the quality of application engineering, installation and commissioning. Distributors and agents in other areas are provided with strong support and co-ordination from corporate headquarters.

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