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Welch Allyn is a leading global manufacturer of frontline medical products and solutions, including medical diagnostic and therapeutic devices, cardiac defibrillators, patient monitoring systems and miniature precision lamps. Our mission-critical monitoring products and solutions lower operating costs and provide leading-edge patient monitoring devices that make the best use of your resources.

Welch Allyn Monitoring offers unique and affordable products on a global basis not only to the traditional patient monitor marketplace — the hospital — but also to alternative markets. One of these key markets is the military and government. We are the worldwide market leader in portable patient monitoring and field military monitoring applications, and to date have shipped more than 85,000 monitors to more than 90 countries.

Our monitoring product line includes a range of compact, multi-parameter, portable vital sign patient monitors that can stand alone for spot checks and special procedures or be connected through wireless, modem or hardwire connections to a comprehensive patient monitoring network. These leading technologies combine to provide a seamless network of extremely flexible, cost-effective vital signs monitoring throughout the entire continuum of patient care.

The complete line of Welch Allyn monitoring products includes:

* The Propaq® and Micropaq™ family of portable monitoring devices

* The Atlas™ low-cost, multi-parameter monitoring designed specifically for conscious sedation, IV anesthesia procedures, and surgery

* Vital Signs Monitor and Spot Vital Signs™ for affordable spot-check monitoring

* Acuity® Central Station expands a hospital’s monitoring capabilities by converting non-monitored beds into centrally monitored beds, allowing monitoring of up to 60 patients from a single computer station

* FlexNet™ wireless network links multiple devices such as ambulatory wireless monitors and hardwired and wireless bedside monitors to Acuity Central Monitoring Station

* PIC 50 is a comprehensive Portable Intensive Care Unit, with up to 12 patient treatment parameters and sophisticated communication options. Designed for high-acuity settings, the PIC 50 boasts multi-parameter monitoring and defibrillation capabilities in one compact, lightweight and durable package.

* PIC 40 works as a multi-parameter monitor, AED and defibrillator with external pacing

* PIC 30 is the economical choice for the crash-cart and other manual defibrillation environments.

Welch Allyn Monitoring Products for Military Applications

Welch Allyn monitoring has an array of products specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of military standards.

The rugged, lightweight, motion tolerant, flight-approved Propaq Encore monitor is the military standard for transport and field use worldwide. It is now the most widely used monitor by all branches of the U.S. Military as well as most NATO countries around the world.

The Propaq Encore monitor has received Air Worthiness Certification from the U.S. Air Force and is approved for use on all Air Force fixed and rotary wing aircraft. It is the standard monitor for the U.S. Army Level I, II, and III field applications, is used on the U.S. Navy ships and in the Fleet hospitals, and is the standard patient monitor for aeromedical applications worldwide.

The Propaq Encore complies with the following rigorous standards:

* MIL STD 810E (Environmental/Shake and Shock/Rapid Decompression)

* MIL STD 461D (Electromagnetic Interference)

* RTCA DO-160D Section 21, Category M for emissions (serial numbers EA000225 and higher)

For central surveillance on the front line or in response to an accident or natural disaster, the Mobile Acuity LT Central Monitoring Station is a self-contained system that deploys in minutes. Quickly establish an Emergency Medical Delivery Area to stabilize and treat patients on site with the same alarm, arrhythmia and vital signs information that exists in hospital emergency departments.

The Mobile Acuity LT allows emergency caregivers to establish an Emergency Medical Delivery Area when and where it's needed. Central Station monitoring can be deployed immediately on-site in response to emergency situations to increase the level and timeliness of care for victims involved.

Used in conjunction with Welch Allyn's Propaq and Micropaq monitors, Mobile Acuity LT instantly networks up to 12 patients and supplies caregivers with the same alarm, alert, arrhythmia and vital signs information that exists in hospital Emergency Departments. Multiple Mobile Acuity LT Centrals can be deployed in the same area to provide monitoring for up to 120 patients. Available as a wireless or hardwired network, you choose the system that best fits your needs.

The benefits of Mobile Acuity LT allows frontline caregivers to stabilize victims at the incident site when transportation is unavailable. The self-contained, self-deployable Mobile Acuity LT is ideal for Homeland Defense, Emergency Preparedness and Military programs to deliver emergency care anytime, anywhere it's needed.

For VA and military hospitals, Welch Allyn's Acuity® Central Monitoring Station and Acuity LT Central Station use Flexible Monitoring to turn ordinary beds into monitored beds in seconds making the best use of your hospital resources. Many patients require continuous surveillance monitoring but do not require the high-cost, nursing care of the ICU. Welch Allyn Centralized Monitoring Systems extend your monitoring capabilities for a modest cost.

All Welch Allyn monitoring products and supplies are available for purchase on VA Federal Supply Schedule Contract #V797P-3486k and Defense Supply Center Philadelphia contract #SPO200-97-D-8021.

The militaries of most NATO countries have standardized on Propaq monitors for field and military hospital use. The following is a partial list of countries that have standardized on Propaq monitors:


The visionaries were Dr. Francis A. Welch and William Noah Allyn. When the hand-held, direct-illuminating ophthalmoscope they developed and built was first sold in 1915, the world caught a glimpse of what a little imagination – and a lot of dedication – could achieve.

Today, nearly a century later, vision is still the heart and soul of Welch Allyn. We’re constantly developing superior lighting technologies, searching for acquisitions to strengthen our core business and fuel growth in emerging markets, and refining our business processes and capabilities.

From medical diagnostic instruments to women’s health products, to flexible monitoring systems and sophisticated defibrillation products, the Welch Allyn vision is simple and clear: Caregivers in frontline settings will look to the people of Welch Allyn first for solutions to their patient-care problems.

We are proud to operate sales and distribution centers in dozens of countries around the world. Our new research and development center in Singapore will support developing healthcare markets and serve our growing global customer base. Our goals for the international market are clear: Make Welch Allyn the brand that customers ask for by name – in every language around the world.

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