Changchun Deheng Optics Co.,Ltd

Type of activity:
Vision Devices
Contact: Robert Lee, Sales Manager

5-9,Dongling Nan Street,Changchun,Jilin,China,130022

Phone: +86-431-5202975
Fax: +86-431-5202965

Our company specializes in processing high-quality optical components like prism, mirror, wedge prism,Beamsplitter, Filters, Polarizer, Paraboloidal mirror, windows, lens, plano-cylindrical lens, diffraction grating ,etc.

Our technique comes from Changchun Institute of Optics & Fine Mechanics and Physics belonging to Chinese Academy of Science.

We can manufacture optical components with all kinds of optical glass or optical crystal material(calcium fluoride, silicon wafer). The quality conform to European Quality Standard.The ability can be up to : surface quality 10~5, Fringes 1/20~1/30, Dimension 2.0mm-600mm.

Due to our strong technical support, we can also supply optical components for customer's special requirement. The qualification ratio is above 96% and the in-time ratio of the delivery date is above 98%.

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