Cerot s.r.o.

Type of activity:
Sighting Systems

Jozefa Hagaru 4-9
831 51

Phone: +421-(0)2-44680333

Cerot s.r.o. is a testing laboratory, which, as a wholly Slovak entity, has taken over the whole range of activities and property of the Development and testing laboratory for specialised technology and optics of MEOPTA Bratislava.Our main aim is to provide services that help our customers to satisfy the requirements of Slovak government regulations, and the related laws, EU directives, European standards, MIL-STD, and harmonized technical regulations in a number of fields. In this we are able to exploit the experience of our workers supported by high-level and standard technical equipment, which represent a unique, top-level capacity in the present Slovak services marketplace. We operate in the following areas: - Testing and inspection of optical and optical-mechanical instruments, light technology equipment, light technology, light sources and lights, navigation, signaling, orientation and emergency lights, safety and health aids, construction goods, construction and agricultural machines and mechanisms, the safety of lasers and their equipment, and so on. - The measurement of optical and light quantities, of daylight and artificial light, the illumination of buildings, work places, sports grounds, tunnels, roads and crossings, working areas, optical and spectral transmittance, absorption, reflection and reflectance, attenuation of light signals, optical radiation in the bands UV-A, UV-B, UV-C, VIS and so on. - Ecological, transport, impact, resistance and climatic tests for external influences in the temperature range -60C to +130C.

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