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“DOK-ING” d.o.o. is a privately owned Croatian company established in 1992. From a small family workshop producing its first MV-1 prototype in 1996 nowadays “DOK-ING” is the largest private demining company in South Eastern Europe and the real pioneer of the Croatian & Regional mechanical mine-clearing equipment industry with more than 120 people employed.

The Company comprises two major departments: manufacture of mine clearing equipment and demining & EOD. When it comes to humanitarian demining and EOD “DOK-ING” has so far cleared more than 12.5 million m2 without a single mine accident involving our personnel or any civilian casualty. Having its own fleet of 5 mini-flails and 6 reinforced excavators used as vegetation cutters “DOK-ING” demining department enables to perform mechanically assisted mine clearance of approximately 1,000,000 m2 per month.

Still major area of “DOK-ING” activities is manufacture of mechanical mine clearing equipment. The Company Production Department constantly seeks solutions for potential improvement of “DOK-ING” machines having the capacity to produce about 60 of them per year. Eng. Vjekoslav Majetic is the designer of all machines and the Chairman of the Board of "DOK-ING".

From 1996 31 MV-type mini-flails have been produced. 20 of them were purchased by various organizations including the US Army, the Swedish, the Irish and the Croatian Ministries of Defense, Croatian Mine Action Center, Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA), and Swiss Foundation for Mine Action (FSD), the South African Company “Mechem Consultants”, the Israeli Company “Maavarim-Civil Engineering” Ltd. and a number of other companies.

The latest model MV-4 mini-flail has been rigorously tested by the Croatian Mine Action Center and SWEDEC (Swedish EOD and Demining Center) during 2002. It is currently tested and evaluated by the US Army. Apart from MV-4 mini-flails, “DOK-ING” serially produces EOD robots, MVD mini dozer for confined environment, manufactures various vegetation removal tools for different MVB excavators, armoring them, manufactures MVP-1 mine protection vehicle and MV-20 double flail-tiller heavy mine clearing machine (both last models are still prototypes that are under testing), train operators and mechanics and provide after-sales support service.

“DOK-ING” philosophy is based on a solid machines’ construction and sound technology used, safety of personnel, cost-effectiveness and rationalism. Here is the main key of the Company’s success – “DOK-ING” is not only equipment’s producer but also its final user.

MV-10 (Mine clearing vehicle)
MV-4 (Mine clearing vehicle)
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