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Auxiliary Equipment

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Founded more than ten years ago, Winkelmann UK has grown rapidly to become one of the world's leading specialists in the design, development and manufacture of a wide range of electronic countermeasure devices.

We specialise in radio frequency detection and analysis; our products are currently in operational service with NATO, European Commission, US Army and UK MoD organisations.

Our product range is extensive. Each type of device has been specifically developed to counter a particular type of threat to give the highest possible levels of detection and protection from unauthorised surveillance.


Winkelmann now offers an 'electronic device detector' for countering Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), which are a global threat. The HAWK XDi electronic device detector uses advanced techniques, technology and intelligence to detect mines and IEDs within Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and counter-terrorist applications.

The HAWK XDi has the advantage of detecting explosive devices containing electronic components such as remote control receivers, mobile phones, electronic timers, clocks, transceivers, electronic fuses and delayed-action units. The device can also be successfully deployed to detect buried weapons, ammunition, engineering mines and hidden arms-caches.

The XDi incorporates the very latest technology using Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for optimised detection range of targets concealed under ground. The Organic Light Emitting Display (OLED) active matrix indicates threat status, detection range and battery status. The XDi has a built-in speaker for audible tone alert, and accessories include Bluetooth headphones, rechargeable batteries and a stand-alone desktop charger and calibrator.


As a specialist in radio frequency detection, Winkelmann provides portable counter-surveillance receivers for real-time and offline analysis. Winkelmann specialises in developing equipment and systems for detection, location and analysis of surveillance devices.

Applications include monitoring of all incoming and outgoing signals from military bases, radio monitoring by regulatory government authorities, and government sweep teams for internal and external security.

Quickly detecting, locating and identifying threat-signals over a very wide bandwidth is critical for electronic counter surveillance. Our systems provide you with the ability to secure premises from hostile penetration by covert audio and video surveillance devices.


The MicroScan MS300 highly sensitive broadband countermeasure receiver features a continuous monitoring mode which allows the system to run 24 hours a day looking for new signals. The MS300 can be viewed and controlled remotely by means of internet link, video signals can be viewed remotely, and you can listen to audio signals.

The MS300 allows accurate identification of pulsed signals such as GSM, Bluetooth and IEEE 802.11wireless networks.


Winkelmann also manufactures and supplies the following equipment:

  • Cellular jammers (BlockPhone)

  • Optical contact microphones (Woodpecker)

Winkelmann's policy of 'customer first' ensures that all new developments are backward-compatible with current systems, resulting in system enhancement and technology upgrade through software upgrades. Our application-ready products provide customers with compelling time-to-market and performance advantages.

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