Netline Communications Technologies Ltd. - NCT

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Electronics & Computers
Protection Systems

Azrieli Circular Tower,
132 Menachem Begin Rd.,
Tel Aviv 67021

Phone: +972-3-6068100
Fax: +972-3-6068101

Netline's Defense Solutions Group specializes in counter-terrorism electronic warfare, developing and manufacturing high-end communications jamming and detection systems for the security community around the world. Netline's anti-IED jamming systems are used on a daily basis by the most demanding military forces, governments and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

Netline's Homeland Security Solutions Group specializes in the development anaproduction of wireless & cellular communications jamming and detection systems. Netline's jamming and detection solutions effectively maintain continuous security in numerous prisons, high security facilities and military installations worldwide.

Netline Communications Technologies (NCT) Ltd. specializes in counter-terror electronic warfare.

Since 1998, Netline develops, manufactures and provides fully programmable, high-end RF communication jamming and detection systems for the world's leading military units, police forces and government agencies.

Netline maintains its market success through intensive research and development. As terror organizations continuously upgrade their means and technological tools, Netline's uncompromising objective is to outpace the enemy.

Netline's multidisciplinary countermeasures experts and engineers consistently develop breakthrough technologies and solutions for IED defeat. Our field-proven experience in electronic warfare aloncj with our emphasis on R&D, enables Netline to provide innovative counter IED solutions to meet current and future threats.

Netline participates in large scale development programs in conjunction with EU and NATO military R&D departments, developing the next generation of EW and C-IED.

C-Guard jamming solutions include portable, vehicle mounted and stationary RCIED jammers in a wide range of models, dimensions, features and technologies. Solutions include a range of active/ reactive programmable jamming technologies and features that comprehensively answer the needs of every mission profile, ensuring successful, reliable and safe operations in hostile environments.

System architecture is highly flexible in its ability to generate a very wide range от modulation schemes that target all RF threats. Jamming systems are designed to efficiently integrate future technological changes quickly in field.

Netline's jammers operate in harsh environmental conditions and are designed to meet MIL-STD requirements applicable to field operations. Systems can be customized and tested per customer requirements, including compliance with military standards for environmental conditions, safety & electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and other mission requirements.

C-Guard jamming systems incorporate a range of support equipment, including dedicated shock proof mounts, Remote Control Units and a wide selection of antennas as per combat demands, vehicle type and operational considerations.

Netline's ruggedized and robust IED jammers are field-proven to save lives and assets from remote detonation of lEDs. Thousands of jammers have been deployed, protecting military ground troops, bases and convoys and bolstering anti-terror units, SWAT teams, bomb squads, VIPs and law enforcement agencies around the world.

Netline provides both off-the-shelf and custom-made jamming systems, with a mass production capacity to rapidly deliver hundreds of units in short notice.

Netline jamming systems are customized and tested per customer requirements including compliance with military standards for environmental conditions, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and other mission profile requirements.

Portable Jammers

Variety of portable housings including manpacks and ruggedized trolleys

  • Light weight & fully programmable

  • Designed for continuous man portable operation

  • Rapid deployment in both vehicle and dismounted scenarios

  • Tested for radiation safety in manpack scenario

  • Modular, configurable number of channels

  • Internal and/or external antennas

  • Rechargeable batteries - hot swappable

  • Conversion kits for vehicle operation & fixed installation

  • Active and/or reactive jamming capabilities

  • All systems equipped with built-in-test

  • Upgradeable, flexible architecture

  • Programmable, supporting wide range of mission profiles

  • Remote controlled from RCU

  • Vehicle mounted in transport rack or shockproof mount

  • Tested for radiation safety

  • Modular, configurable number of channels, supporting any frequency range required

  • All systems equipped with built-in-test

  • Active and/or reactive jamming capabilities

  • Variety of antennas including covert antenna

  • Upgradeable, flexible architecture

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