Mofet Etzion Yehuda

Type of activity:
Ballistic Protection
Contact: Michael Cohen, President

Phone: 972-2-9935326
Fax: 972-2-9932433

Manufacturers of ballistic armor, ceramic armor, armor plate, personal armored vests, vehicle armor and more.

Mofet was established in 1995.

As a result of the ballistic armor breakthrough pioneered by Dr. Michael Cohen, world leaders like General Dynamics, the Israeli Army and Police, as well as Ministries of Defense and armed forces around the world use our technology to provide their war-fighters with the best possible personal body armor vests and vehicle armor protection.

Changing battlefield realities, including the use of armor piercing ammunition and lethal I.E.D devices, has challenged traditional military thinking as never before. Mofet has answered this challenge with a new concept in light vehicle armor: The LIBA PELLET solution- Light Improved ballistic Armor. This armor can withstand armor piercing projectiles, is highly versatile, easy to repair under field conditions, and offers unlimited multi-impact protection.

Mofet-Etzion has the capabilities for full U.S production of complete vehicle armor kits, and can produce dozens of armor kits a day. This large U.S production capacity enables Mofet to meet any armor requirements of our clients, as well as providing complicated ballistic armor solutions and designs in a timely manner. Mofetís manufacturing facilities include multifaceted assembly lines, allowing for efficient and flexible solutions of the highest quality.

LIBA Pellet (Ceramic Armour)
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