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13:47 07.07.2006

C'est un char merveilleux, mais le char Leclerc est plus moderne et efficace.

11:48 10.07.2006

According to various magazines, the Al-Khalid is more efficent in hot desert conditions than the Indian Army T-90S MBT. The Paki can screw up the Indians with a tank like that!

16:06 13.07.2006

T-90S is much superior to Al-Khalid. It has better mobility and its fire control system is more up-to-date.

15:00 17.07.2006

That is doubtful. The T-90 is not very good in hot desert conditions, its engine's performance deteriorates.

09:44 08.06.2010

history repeat itself.isn't

23:27 09.06.2010

However, the technical design of the AL-Khalid is most superior to the Indian MBT's, these combat tanks have been proofed in the dessert, meanwhile; the T-90 have shown many disperfects and damages because the extremes conditions of the hardest indian dessert.

23:29 09.06.2010

Peru bought 30 of these tanks for his army!!!!

Look at here:

comments, please, comments!!!!

PD: These MBT can be faced toward the Leopard 2A4CHL from Chilean Army!!!!!

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