Manufacturer: MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG  
Product type: Auxiliary Vehicles  
Name: Truck  

MAN'S SX range of high-mobility tactical trucks has its origins in the KAT1 series of trucks, 8,618 examples of which were delivered to the German Bundeswehr between 1976 and 1982. The follow-on range, designated KAT 1A1, was launched in 1993 and the KAT 1A1.1 followed in 1997.

Early KAT 1 models were powered by KHD air-cooled diesel engines. The KAT 1A1 models were based on commercial driveline components from MAN'S F90 heavy commercial truck range introduced in 1986. The later KAT 1A1.1 models were based on F2000 commercial truck raneie components and, following the introduction of the F2000-based driveline, the model designation SX was adopted. The SX range contin-

ues to evolve - the latest models are fitted with TGA commercial range driveline components.

The modular military cab fitted to the SX range is a continuing development of the cab fitted to the original KAT 1 vehicles. The current version is 290mm deeper than its immediate predecessor and has more than 600 litres of gross stowage space in the rear.

An applique armour kit is available. A level 3 ballistic and mine-protected cab has been developed for the 8 x 8 chassis by Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW).

The chassis is of a boxed-section torsionally rigid (non-flexing) design that mounts beam axles sprung by long-travel coil springs, providing up to 320mm of travel per wheel and more than 16 offset per axle.

The frame and cab are manufactured in Poland atthe Star Trucks plant; MAN acquired Star in 2000.

The driveline package for the latest SX range consists of a derivative from MAN'S latest exhaust turbocharged and intercooled six-cylinder common rail diesel engines targeted to develop 480hp and 2,300Nm torque, coupled to a ZF HP902 six-speed Powershift automatic transmission and two-speed transfer box.

All SX-range trucks have the power pack units located behind the cab. This location enables C-130 transportability (even with 1600R 20 tyres) for all SX-range trucks with minimal preparation.

The new location also offers protection from damage and allows fora larger volume radiator to be used, enhancing the vehicle's hot-climate capability.

For certain markets, MAN trucks may be badged Steyr; MAN Nutz-fahrzeuge AG having completed its acquisition of Austria's Steyr Nutz-fahrzeugein1993.

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