Manufacturer: Robowatch Technologies GmbH  
Product type: Auxiliary Vehicles  
Name: Robot, Unmanned Vehicle  

The importance of immediately operational mobile gas detection systems is steadily increasing - not only in regard to danger by terrorist attacks with toxic substances, but also in chemical factories or traffic accidents involving the transport of hazardous substances. In most cases, humans still have to assume the difficult and risky task of estimating the hazard on site and within the briefest possible time. It is not unusual that they risk their own lives.

The tread-drive reconnaissance robot OFRO+detect is based on the basic model of the mobile security robot OFRO. The system is equipped with tried and tested gas-measuring technology and detects all current tactical gases as well as toxic industrial gases. Independent of weather, OFRO+detect - by means of its integrated thermal camera system, which rotates 360 degrees - reliably recognises human heat sources. Just like the OFRO, the robot transmits data continuously using the radio standards GPRS, UMTS and WLAN. OFRO+detect not only transmits type and concentration of the detected gas, but also simultaneously delivers video recordings of the location of the accident to the control unit. The control unit can also be mobile if control is effected by tablet-PC. The flexible employment of the mobile reconnaissance robot guarantees the fast deployment of well-aimed measures to protect humans and assets in emergency situations.

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