Mk47 MOD 0 Striker40

Manufacturer: General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products (GDATP)  
Product type: Weapons & Weapon Systems  
Name: Automatic grenade launcher  

MK47 MOD 0 weapon system, also called "STRIKER40", is a lightweight 40mm grenade launcher equipped with an integrated fire control system capable of firing 40mm programmable air-bursting ammunition as well as conventional high velocity 40mm ammunition. The weapon system is produced by General Dynamics while Raytheon is responsible for the Lightweight Video System (LVS) fire control.


The Striker 40 mm Advanced Lightweight Grenade Launcher (ALGL) has been developed as a private venture by an international consortium consisting of Saco Defense of the United States (weapon), Computing Devices Canada (electronic sighting system), Bofors Carl Gustaf (high-performance programmable fuze) and NAMMO AS.

The weapon was shown in public for the first time in 1997 and is NATO STANAG and MOPI compliant.

Saco Defense currently manufactures the 40 mm Mk 19 Mod 3 machine gun system covered under the US.

When compared with the current 40 mm Mk 19 the new Striker 40 mm ALGL is not only much lighter and more compact but has a greater effective range, increased accuracy and a quicker response time.


According to the international consortium, the Striker 40 mm ALGL integrates the latest sensing, targeting and computer programming technology into a simple, reliable, highly portable weapon.

The significant reduction in weight is achieved by an innovative design coupled with the extensive use of new lightweight materials and composites.

The standard Striker 40 mm ALGL is mounted on a tripod with simple quick slew elevation and traverse controls but the weapon has also been installed on 4 x 4 light reconnaisance vehicles and can be installed on light armoured vehicles as main or secondary armament.

Specifications Calibre: 40 mm Weight: 18 kg Length:

(overall) 930 mm

(barrel detached) 520 mm Width: 280 mm Height: 210 mm Muzzle velocity: 240 m/s Max effective range: 1,500 m Rate of fire: 250/300 rds/min Mountings; turret, pedastal or tripod

The Striker 40 mm ALGL is recoil operated and fires from the closed bolt position which is claimed to lower dispersion. It has a low-peak recoil as an hydraulic buffer is fitted which adds to stability.

It has a manual trigger mechanism with unique asymmetric safe and fire positions and the weapon does not fire if the barrel or buffer are not correctly installed. The backplate cannot be removed while there is a round in the chamber.

Other features include single-charge loading and last round ejects. The firing pin does not release unless the bolt is in the closed position and the design prevents short recoils or a runaway gun.

Ammunition is fed from the left and the empty 40 mm cartridge cases are ejected downwards and when the top cover is opened the belt stays in place. Total charge pull is 55 per cent of the MK 19 and a round counter is fitted as standard.

The striker 40 mm ALGL fires standard 40 x 53 mm natures of ammunition such as the US M430 and M918, German Diehl DM11 HEPFF and the German Nico DM18 tracer marking.

Maximum effectiveness is obtained when the system uses the recently developed Bofors 40 mm air burst ammunition, HE (High Explosive) or HEDP (High Explosive Dual Purpose) which features visual or infrared tracer and a low dispersion propulsion system. The ammunition can be programmed for either air burst or point detonation.

The Computing Devices Canada electronic fire-control system is mounted on the right side of the weapon and allows for rapid target acquisition and provides a head-up display on a flat screen. The display is adjustable and can be detached. Power is from the vehicle or internal NATO standard battery which has sufficient power for 8 hours.

It comprises a Lightweight Video Sight (LVS) with built-in third-generation image intensifier with a magnification of x9 and has an eye-safe laser rangefinder with a range of 40 to 2,000 m and an accuracy of 1 m. It also has a ballistic computer, azimuth reading, ammunition mode and is day/night switchable.

Once the operator has ranged onto the target the fire-control system automatically computes a target solution and programmes the chambered 40 mm round before it is fired. There is also a back-up sight.

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Mk47 MOD 0 Striker40
Mk47 MOD 0 Striker40
Mk47 MOD 0 Striker40
Mk47 MOD 0 Striker40