Manufacturer: Yugoimport SDPR  
Product type: Weapons & Weapon Systems  
Name: Towed howitzer  

The 152 mm gun-howitzer M84 is based on a similar carriage to the Soviet 152 mm gun-howitzer D-20 and can fire D-20 ammunition. The barrel is much longer than the D-20 and has a semi-automatic vertical wedge-type breech mechanism. The 152 mm ordnance of the M84 is 39.73 calibre and is mounted on a carriage similar to the Soviet design. It is modified to improve ballistic performance and to enable easier and more rapid handling in the firing position. It is possible to fire at elevations of +45 to +63. A counter-recoil system, consisting of a hydraulic brake, compensator and hydropneumatic recuperator, is located over the barrel and, when combined with the high-efficiency (approximately 50 per cent) multibaffle muzzle brake, the resultant recoil length is short even at high angles of elevation. The maximum rate of fire is 6 rds/min.

The welded-steel carriage has a shield and split box section trails fitted with castor wheels to assist in handling. There are two hydraulic pumps provided to assist the nine-man crew in bringing the weapon from the travelling to the firing position. These set the weapon on a circular firing platform mounted on the forward part of the carriage and raise the wheels and suspension clear of the ground.

Sighting equipment includes a range quadrant, a direct fire ×5.5 optical sight, a ×3.7 panoramic sight, a gunner's quadrant, a collimator and a sight illuminating set.

The 152 mm gun-howitzer M84 takes between 3 and 5 minutes to be brought into and out of action. It is provided with a single and double line braking installation and a handbrake as well as a lighting system.

The 152 mm M84 can fire the complete range of Russian D-20 ammunition, including the OF-540 FRAG-HE, to a range of 17,190 m with a muzzle velocity of 647 m/s. The M84 can also fire an M84 HE round weighing 43.56 kg, 7.677 kg of which is the cast TNT:RDX (50:50) explosive payload. When firing the M84 HE at a muzzle velocity of 810 m/s the maximum range is 24,160 m (minimum range 5,000 m). The propellant charge system uses one full charge and six increments. The M84B1 and M84B2 versions of the artillery weapon can fire the Russian OF-540 projectiles with propellant charges. The system of charges includes full charge and six zone charges.

The M84 B2 version is fitted with a pneumatic loader which is operational at all gun elevations, with the capacity of over 120 work cycles from one standard compressed air tank mounted on one of the trails.

The Serbian illuminating projectile is called the M88 and falls to the ground at a speed of 5 m/s. It gives a maximum intensity of 1.3 million candela for a maximum period of 1 minute. There is also an HE/ICM (High-Explosive/Improved Conventional Munition) projectile which carries 63 KB-2 bomblets with a maximum range of 22,500 m. Each bomblet is 40 mm in diameter, 85 mm long and weighs 250 g, 35 g of which is FH-5 explosive. The bomblets are designed to attack the vulnerable upper surfaces of armoured vehicles.

The M84-GG base bleed projectile is in the final stages of development, the performance of which has already been proven with long-barrel systems. Maximum range of the M84B1 and M84B2 weapons is 27,000 m.

It is understood that the 152 mm M84 series is also referred to in Serbia as the Nona.



This is used by the Bosnian Serbs (Minobaca 160 mm) and has the original 152 mm ordnance replaced by a heavy 160 mm mortar barrel without a muzzle break.

New 8 × 8 155 mm SPG

Following extensive trials over several years with a testbed of a 155 mm/45 calibre 8 × 8 self-propelled gun (SPG), Yugoimport has built the prototype of the NORA-B 155 mm/52 calibre self-propelled gun based on an FAP 2832 (8 × 8) truck chassis. Details of this are given in a separate entry. One unidentified export customer has ordered this system on a Russian (8 × 8) truck chassis.

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