Manufacturer: Oto Melara SpA  
Product type: Auxiliary Vehicles  
Name: Robot, Unmanned Vehicle  

TRP 7-HS Homeland Security is a semi autonomous electric-powered tracked vehicle. Its configuration is tailored to allow off-road and inroad in order to accomplish multiple missions in support of the Homeland Security forces (E,G. Demining, Patrolling, Surveillance, etc.) Payload and specific devices, according to a modular approach, are placed in a protect, easily interchangeable and dismountable box, placed between the two tracks.

The platform is guided and controlled by means of a suite of proprioceptive and eteroceptive sensors and a specifically developed computer system.

The on board Control Unit provides the following functions:

OTO TRP 7 Homeland Security version is equipped with a special turret with the following sensors:

OTO TRP 7-HS was designed and developed following an Open Architecture and Modular System concept: the vehicle can be integrated and can cooperate in coordination with other manned and unmanned platforms in a flexible way in order to accomplish to different operational needs.

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