Manufacturer: Armtrac Ltd  
Product type: Auxiliary Vehicles  
Name: Mine clearing vehicle  

The Armtrac 100-350 is a cost effective, heavily modified & armoured (to take 7.6 NATO ball at point blank range) multi-purpose machine & is built around the tried & tested New Holland tractor. As such, Components and Spare parts are obtainable worldwide.

The Armtrac 100-350 features the same Tiller Header as the successful Armtrac 400: driven from the rear PTO shaft of the tractor. All additional components are fully armour protected & shielded.

The Tiller is capable of devouring thick vegetation while simultaneously demolishing mines to a depth of 40cm: all the while maintaining an extremely even cut without the possibility of devices escaping between gaps.

This configuration has many advantages. Fully ‘street legal’ it can be driven to its destination without the need for special transport requirements. It can also pull a loaded trailer at up to 40 km/h between locations.

As it is based on a commercial tractor it is at home in the agricultural or construction industry as well as in de-mining.

The Aimtrac 100-350 cabin is quiet, air-conditioned & features a fully adjustable air-sprung seat with a 4-point safety harness, adding to its comfort & safety.

In addition the cabin sits on rubber pads keeping vibration & shock to a minimum as well as noise level below'50 decibels. The cabin also features 360 degree all round operator visibility & for additional operator safety an Automatic Fire protection system is fitted for the cabin and engine compartments.