Manufacturer: Armtrac Ltd  
Product type: Auxiliary Vehicles  
Name: Mine clearing vehicle  

The Armtrac Flail and Powerpack System is made up of 2 components, a flail and a powerpack, that can be easily attached to a suitable host vehicle i.e. forklift, dozer or armoured vehicle. This is an ideal system if you already have a suitable host vehicle available.

The flail is tried and proven model that is used on Armtrac 75T, Armtrac 100 and Armtrac 400 machines. The flail is connected onto the host vehicle by the quick hitch system and locked into place. Hydraulic hoses that drive the flail or tiller from the power pack are clamped on top of the boom arms. Quick release connectors on the end of the hoses split the flail from the power pack. The flail system can be connected in 15 minutes.

A self contained engine power pack, with its own fuel and hydraulic oil, is fitted to the rear of the host vehicle on a 3 point quick hitch system. The power pack can be connected or disconnected in 15 minutes. Engines sizes range from 200 hp to 400 hp depending on the host vehicle carrying weight.

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