Ejder 4x4

Manufacturer: NUROL Mashinery and Industry Co Inc  
Product type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Wheeled armoured personnel carrier  

Meeting the operational requirements of military units and security forces in both rural and residential areas, the Ejder 4x4 is designed as a modular and versatile armoured combat vehicle that is dynamic and agile over all kinds of terrain and in all environ-mental conditions. It offers high ballistic and mine protection, and is easy to maintain and sustain.The Ejder 4x4 has a useful load carrying capacity of 4 tons and can be integrated with different systems. It has the highest internal volume in its class and a number of superior features that make it an ideal platform for reconnaissance, command & control, internal security or medical missions.

The Ejder 4x4 is 6 m in length, 2.3 m high and 2.45 m wide. İts combat train varies between 12 t and 14 t depending on the configuration. The vehicle has a personnel capacity of nine - two in the front cabin and seven in the rear. In the gun turret configuration the Ejder 4x4 can be equipped with a 7.62 mm machine gun, a 12.7 mm antiaircraft gun, a 25 mm cannon or a 40 mm automatic grenade launcher, depending on the requirements of user. Powered by a 300 hp Cummins diesel engine, it can reach speeds of 40 km/h speed from standing in 6 seconds, and drive at a speed of 110 km/h on asphalt. It has a power to weight ratio of 25 hp/t, and a turning circle of 7.5 m. On rough terrain. it can climb inclines of 70 percent and traverse 40 percent side slopes. The vehicle has an integral mono-block body, designed according to a system-level protection concept instead of local protection. The vehicle offers superior ballistic protection against kinetic energy impacts, and superior mine protection against hand-made explosives.

The Ejder 4x4 can clear obstacles of 50 cm, can traverse ditches 1.1 m wide and can ford 70 cm deep water.

The Ejder 4x4 offers the following benefits:

  • High midsection

  • Superior maneuverability

  • Potential integration of various weapons, including heavy weapons

  • Latitudinal and longitudinal differential locking systems

  • Central Tire Inflation System

  • "Bird Cage" option against rocket at-tacks

  • Additional bolt-on armour plates

  • Improvable ballistic protection options

  • Hydraulic-Powered Salvage Crane

  • Internally Controlled Weapon Station

  • Manually Controlled Weapon Station

  • Smoke Grenade Launchers/Grenade Launchers

  • Day/Night Vision Systems

  • Personnel Compartment Explosion Suppression and Fire Extinguishing System

  • Rear Ramp

Property Value
Height (mm)
Weight (kg)
Length (mm)
Number of drive wheels
Number of wheels
Weight (kg)
Payload (kg)
Engine power output (h.p.)
Max. road speed (km/h)
Turning circle radius (mm)
Vertical obstacle (mm)
Trench (mm)
Fording depth (mm)

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Ejder 4x4