Manufacturer: ASELSAN inc.  
Product type: Vision Devices  
Name: All-round vision device  

EOSS-HD is an electro optical sensor system which has high definition infrared thermal camera and day sight camera with laser designation/range finding properties.

EOSS-HD gives 7 days 24 hours 360 panoramic reconnaissance, surveillance, target tracking and coordinate determination in all weather conditions. EOSS-HD has extremely high stabilization accuracy that eliminates the oscillations while placed on a deflecting MAST even on the move.

EOSS-HD has optional configurations with single pulse, multi pulse eye safe laser range finders and/or laser target designator.

EOSS-HD has the capability of video recording In both infrared and day sight conditions.

General Specifications

Infrared Thermal Unit (HD)

Camera Mode

360 Panoramic Display Mode

Day Sight Unit (HD)

Laser Range Finder (Standard)

Laser Range Finder (Multi Pulse)

Laser Target Designator (Optional)

Operable in two operating bands; eyesafe and non-eyesafe