KAMAZ-63969 Typhoon-K

Manufacturer: KAMAZ OJSC  
Product type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Wheeled armoured personnel carrier  

KAMAZ-63969 is a part of the Typhoon-K family of wheeled armored vehicles.

At the RAE-2013 exhibition in Nizhny Tagil (Russia) three representatives of the Typhoon-K family were represented: KAMAZ-53949, KAMAZ-63968 and KAMAZ-63969.

KAMAZ-63969 6x6/4 is an all-wheel-drive armored personnel carrier. It is designed on the basis of the KAMAZ-63968 and has the same engine YaMZ-5367. However, unlike it, KAMAZ-63969 has a one-volume hull, which allows it to be configurated to armored personnel carriers.

It has drive compartment with crew of 2 persons, and troop compartment, which accommodates 10 fighters. On this armored vehicle can be installed remote controlled weapon station developed by the Chelyabinsk Electromashina OJSC, which can be equipped with various weapons, for example, 7,62x54-mm PKT machine gun and 12.7-mm NSVT (or KORD), as well as with the AGS-30 automatic grenade launcher.

Like other vehicles of the Typhoon family, KAMAZ-63969 is equipped with automatic inter-wheel and inter-axle differential locking, an independent hydro-pneumatic suspension, an CTIS. Also on these vehicle is a specialized on-board information management system, which monitors the condition of all systems and the malfunctions, calculates the optimal driving parameters (clearance, suspension mode, etc.) and sends commands to control the systems and mechanisms of the armored vehicle.

KAMAZ-63969 armor provides protection for the crew from ammunition of 14.5 mm caliber, armor-piercing bullets of type B-32 and armor-piercing-incendiary bullets, as well as explosion of a charge of 8 kg of TNT under the bottom and 10 kg under the wheel.

Property Value
Number of wheels
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KAMAZ-63969 Typhoon-K