Manufacturer: MDH Defence  
Product type: NBC Equipment  
Name: NBC system  

MDH Defence has been designing and manufacturing CBRN (NBC) filtration systems for armoured fighting vehicles for over 35 years. In today's climate, with the fight against world terror, CBRN hazards are becoming ever more present.

combined NBC and AC controls

digital display showing numeric and graph values for vehicle over pressure, filter pressure drop and volume flow rate

automatic fan speed control available

audible and visual system alarms with mute facility

data capture RS232 port option available

Full environmental control systems are also available incorporating integrated crew cooling units and CBRN (NBC) filtration systems.

MDH Defence bespoke filtration systems are installed into the following;

Armoured Fighting Vehicles

First Responder Homelands Defense Vehicles

Civil Defence and Internal Security Vehicles

System controls can include:

the new adaptable and versatile system shown can be configured to provide full vehicle over pressure or filtered air for a face mask system

systems can be configured to suit varying space envelopes

motor characteristics can be adjusted to allow for variations in crew and airflow

many COTS (commercial off the shelf) parts

low maintenance, low initial costs and high reliability ensures logistic support and through life costs are kept to a minimum

fan speed adjustment

vehicle over pressure gauge

filter pressure drop indicator (filter blockage)

vehicle low pressure alarm

integration with CANbus control systems

full electronic NBC and AC control and monitoring

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