LWS-200 CV

Manufacturer: Avitronics (Pty) Ltd  
Product type: Optronic Countermeasure Systems  
Name: Laser warning system  


The LWS-200 CV laser warning system was originally developed by Avitronics for the South African Tank Technology Demonstrator (TTD) programme, but the system is now being offered for installation on other platforms, either new build or retrofit.

Like other systems of this type, the LWS-200 CV laser warning system has been designed to alert the crew that they have been located by laser range-finders, target designators and missile guidance systems, so that quick action can be taken to ensure the survivability of the platform.

The LWS-200 CV consists of a Laser Warning Controller (LWC) which performs the control, processing and threat display functions. Up to six LWS-200 laser warning sensors can be coupled to the LWC.

Normally, a minimum of four laser warning sensors are required to provide a combat vehicle with 360 coverage in azimuth, but a fifth and sixth laser warning receiver can be added if spherical coverage is required. The LWC, with its integrated Light Emitting Diode (LED) threat display, would normally be located within view of the commander's station in the turret.

The threat display consists of 32 LEDs and a digital readout in the centre. Threat direction is indicated by illumination of the LED closest to the detected angle, while the threat angle is also numerically displayed in the readout. The laser warning sensors are normally mounted on the turret.

The LWC also provides standard interfaces for audio warning, automatic/semi-automatic countermeasure dispensing and automatic/semi-automatic slewing of the turret towards the threat. Standard serial interfaces are also available for full integration with an on board host system such as a fire-control or battle management system.

The LWS-200 laser warning sensor, which consists of a laser detector array with dedicated hard and software for detection of laser energy, relays raw threat data via a high speed serial link to the LWC where threat data is processed and displayed. The sensors are powered by the LWC. The system has built-in test features and can be provided with a full range of support and test equipment.

LWS-300 CV laser warning system

The LWS-300 CV laser warning system has an identical system architecture as the LWS-200 CV system and uses the same LWC. The LWS-300 laser warning receiver, however, features increased spectral band coverage, as well as enhanced sensitivity in the 0.904 urn band for improved performance against typical missile guidance lasers.

Apart from threat direction, this sensor also provides additional threat spectral band data that could be used for threat classification.

The mechanical design of the LWS-300 CV laser warning sensor has been optimised for the harsh environmental conditions in which combat vehicles often operate.


LWS-200 CV is in production. LWS-300 CV has completed its development and is ready for production.

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LWS-200 CV