Manufacturer: RAFAEL Armament Development Authority Ltd.  
Product type: Turrets  
Name: Remote controlled weapon station  

This dual-axis, gyro-stabilized RWS is designed for use on light wheeled or tracked combat vehicles, fast attack boats and other platforms requiring improved offensive capabilities. This single-weapon RWS accommodates a variety of armaments including a 5.56mm SAW and LMG, 7.62 mm GPMG and Gatling gun, 12.7 mm HMG, 14.5 mm, 40 mm AGL, ATGM Launcher and ASM, fed by high-capacity magazines. Supported by a ballistics-protected multi-sensor Sight Pod, with a mechanism for super elevation ballistic angle calculations, the SAMSON Mini provides a 'round-the-clock response to battlefield challenges.

Safety-related movement and firing limitations are implemented using the ACS/FIS.

Main features

  • Mount Type: Dual-axis, gyro-stabilized mounting system for weapon and Sight Pod

  • Main weapon: One of the following: 5.56mm; 7.62mm; 12.7mm; 14.5mm KPVT; 40mm (AGL)

  • Force Multipliers: ATGM Launcher; ASM

  • Obscurants: SGL

  • Sight Pod (Day, Night, LRF): Observation suite fastened rigidly to the Mount Assy with optional super elevation

  • Compliance with Environmental Conditions (partial list): MIL-STD-1275; MIL-STD-461; MIL-STD-810; STANAG 2895; EN 60825

  • External Interfaces: I/O video channels; RS422/RS485/RS232 comm channels; CAN-BUS comm channel; Ethernet; I/O discrete lines

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