Chaborz M6

Manufacturer: Chechenavto OJSC  
Product type: Auxiliary Vehicles  
Name: Patrol Vehicle  

Chaborz M-6 is a high cross-country mobile tactical vehicle. It is a more advanced six-seat version of the previously developed Chaborz M-3.

Chaborz M-6 was introduced by the Russian Special Forces University (formerly the International Special Forces Training Center) at the International Military Technical Forum "Army-2017".

Like the three-seat Chaborz M-3, the vehicle was developed by the engineering company F-Motorsport with the assistance of the Russian Special Forces University, mass production is at the Chechenavto plant.

Chaborz M-6 can be quickly adapted to specific mission. The vehicle can be used for the transportation of troops and cargo, as a towing vehicle, ambulance-evacuation, scout or reconnaissance vehicle. It can be installed a launching complex for drones, communications and reconnaissance equipment.

Four machine guns can be used on the vehicle: three 7.62-mm PCMs or Pechenegs MG and one pintle mounted 12.7-mm Kord or Utes HMG. Instead of a heavy machine gun, an 30-mm AGS automatic grenade launcher can be used.

Chaborz M-6 can be driven by various engines with power from 150 to 300 hp: it can be both traditional diesel or gasoline engines, as well as a hybrid diesel-electric power plant, which will ensure the possibility of noiseless movement. Transmission 4x4 with permanent all-wheel drive, gearbox - automatic or mechanical.

Payload is 800 kg. Overall dimensions of the vehicle: length - 4300 mm, width - 1900 mm, height - 1800 mm. Range up to 800 km.

Chaborz M-6 can be transported inside or outside the Mi-8 helicopter.

Serial production of the vehicle is planned from 2018.

Property Value
Number of wheels
Number of drive wheels
Main weapon caliber (mm)
Auxiliary gun calibre (mm)
Engine power output (h.p.)
Max. road range (km)
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)

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Chaborz M6
Chaborz M6
Chaborz M6
Chaborz M6
Chaborz M6