Finnish Patria offers cooperation possibilities for Lithuanian industry in the IFV project

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The nordic defence, security and aviation group Patria offers armoured modular vehicles to Lithuania, as well as cooperation with the local industry, which is in a very significant role in the project. There are great examples about similar cases eg. in Croatia and South Africa. Patria would manufacture the new vehicles in Lithuania, which will ensure the security of supplies in Lithuania and create new working places for industry.

Patria AMV – market leader

With deliveries to seven countries, eg. Poland, Sweden and Finland, Patria AMV is the market leader among 8x8 armoured wheeled vehicles. AMV products are under continuous development and are fitted with the latest technology. Patria AMV’s structural solutions enable high payload capacity, high level of protection and integration of heavy weapon systems. Patria AMV has received excellent feedback from customers for its performance in combat and crisis management operations in Afghanistan and Chad.

The latest addition to this product family, Patria AMVXP IFV, provides further strength to the company’s product range. This vehicle’s highly intensive testing phase verified that its features met the expectations. Patria AMVXP IFV provides the best solutions to match the customer needs of tomorrow.

Local support essential

Patria is actively looking for subcontractors with required competence to take a role in the supply chain. If chosen, Patria will create a service support system for the Lithuanian vehicles by collaborating with Lithuanian companies that already work with the Lithuanian Armed Forces. In addition Patria will have Lithuanian companies involved in the delivery phase by enabling the local industry to participate into the assembly, manufacturing and delivery of the IFV 8x8 vehicles for the Lithuanian project.

  • Engaging local Lithuanian industries would be of high importance in the delivery process of the Lithuanian IFV project. We have already negotiated about the various co-operation possibilities with the local industrial partners, which will have an excellent opportunity to participate into the Lithuanian project as well as to become a subcontractor not only for Patria but also for Patria’s current manufacturing partners and thus creating export opportunities outside Lithuania, highlights Mika Kari, President of Patria Land business unit.

The collaboration with Patria as a part of Patria’s industrial participation programme would also enable Lithuanian high-tech industries to enter entirely new market areas outside Europe. Patria is constantly in search of new innovations with development and marketing potential still in its infancy. Patria’s industrial participation programme offers promising companies an opportunity to start cooperative undertakings in growing market areas, participially in the Middle East.

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