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Aerojet Wins TOW Bunker Buster Warhead Contract

Category: Defence Industry

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Aerojet, a GenCorp Inc. company, has been awarded a contract with Raytheon Missile Systems to assemble, qualify and produce TOW Bunker Buster warheads. Aerojet's contract is valued at more than $8 million.

The Tube-launched, Optically Tracked, Wire-guided (TOW) Bunker Buster missile is intended to defeat urban structures and earthen bunkers on the battlefield. Aerojet's first delivery of the warhead is planned for September of 2006. Explosive loading will be accomplished at Aerojet's Camden, Ark. facility while final assembly will be conducted at the company's Socorro, N.M. facility.

In August, Aerojet announced a multi-year contract with Raytheon Missile Systems to fabricate warheads for the TOW Weapon System on the 2A and 2B missiles. Warhead production for those missiles will also be processed in Socorro, N.M.

"Aerojet is a long-standing supplier to Raytheon Missile Systems for the TOW program," said Aerojet President Michael Martin. "The Bunker Buster warhead produced by Aerojet continues the company's strong legacy as the supplier of choice for the TOW family of weapons ensuring critical offensive capability for the warfighter in the modern battlefield."


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