Trials of the Garant System Installed in the T-55AGM Battle Tank

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T-55AGM tank fitted with Garant system

The State-owned Enterprise Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau (Ukraine) carried out successful trials of the countermeasure system intended for suppressing radio-controlled explosive devices. The system had been developed by the Microtech Base Center for Critical Technologies (Ukraine) and is called Garant. When installed in a battle tank, it enables the vehicle crew to neutralize the radio-based control system of mines and other explosive devices by means of setting radio interference.

For the trials purposes the Garant system was installed in the upgraded T-55AGM tank, which also features a 125 mm smoothbore gun, bustle-mounted automatic loader, remote-controlled anti-aircraft machine gun, up-to-date fire control system with an override capability for the commander, additional passive armour protection, new-generation explosive reactive armour, 850 hp engine, automated vehicle movement control system comprising a steering wheel, optronic countermeasures system, and new fire suppression system.

Installation of the Garant system further enhances the protection level of the T-55AGM tank.

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