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Patriot Antenna Systems wins Deployable Trailer Mount Antenna Development Contracts

Category: Defence Industry

Patriot Antenna Systems is pleased to offer the new 3.8m and 4.8m Deployable Trailer Mount Antennas. These high performance antennas provide combined convenience and quality.

Patriot's newest Trailered antennas exemplify solid performance. These antennas provide customers with an extra link margin for hub stations in their VSAT network, video uplink, or SCPC central station.

The 3.8m Quad Band Ka, Ku, and C-band antenna allows for quick change out of feed systems and offers 180-degrees of azimuth motorization and utilizes Patriot's patented dual-skin technology with quick-disconnect points for each panel and radial Trussback structure.

The 4.8m motorized tri-fold trailer offers a cassagrain feed system for L4 Ku frequencies which allows the feed structure to stay assembled to the reflector. The side structures fold up for easy deployment.

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