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KMW Presents New Truck Simulator

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KMW Presents New Truck Simulator

Munich -- Responding to the new professional driver training provisions specified throughout Europe, Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) has developed a mobile truck simulator.

This development involved the integration of a three-dimensional, mobile, real truck driver's cab as well as a classroom with six computer-based training stations in a truck semi-trailer measuring more than 13 meters in length. This semitrailer can be used for mobile and flexible training at various driver training schools and public institutions in the Federal Republic and Europe.

Latest simulation technology

The KMW driver training simulator is based on a truck driver's cab from MAN with fully operational control and display elements identical to the real vehicle. The system

is controlled via a computer network and realistically repli-cates a virtual world with all known road topographies and traffic situations. The core of the system is a graphical

user interface allowing driver training instructors to quickly and easily create complex driver training exercises with critical traffic situations. This also includes dangerous situations, such as blowing tires, nodding off, improper traffic behavior of pedestrians and cyclists, crosswind or a variety of different weather and road conditions.

Also available for training are variable own vehicles, such as different types of trailers and semi-trailers, touring coaches or public transport buses, load conditions, etc. Additionally, complex loading and docking maneuvers can be trained without any risk of damage on a specially developed virtual maneuvering course. Furthermore, the simulator offers a sophisticated module designed to evaluate driver proficiency as well as a "blue light" module to train drivers of fire fighting and task forces. Driving over snow-covered mountain passes or preparation for left-hand traffic in England at a training site in Berlin are but a few examples of this type of modern training.

New EU Directive

To improve traffic safety, the European Parliament and the European Council, with Directive 2003/59/EG, has ratified the future basic qualification and further training of drivers of specific motor vehicles for freight or passenger transport. The provisions contained in the directive must be translated into national law in the EU member states by September 2006. Effective that date, the further training measures to reduce the frequency of accidents and energy consumption for trucks will become mandatory.

Krauss-Maffei Wegmann

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13:59 30.06.2006

Deutchland ist der beste Hersteller der Kraftwagen in der Welt!

11:47 03.07.2006

Nein, dass stimmt nicht. Die japanischen LKW sind am besten. Japan fertigt seine Kraftwagen in beinahe alle Laender der Welt ab. Die deutchen Transportfirmen finden sich mit sehr teuerer deutchen LKW ab, weil die EU sehr hohe Einfuhrzoelle fuer japanische Autos aufgestellt hat.

14:50 06.07.2006

Die deutsche Kraftwagen gehen reissend in sehr vielen Laender ab. Die Abfurh der deutschen LKW jaehrlich nimmt zu.

13:49 07.07.2006

Die Herstellung der deutschen Autos will abnehmen.

12:29 10.07.2006

Nein, Deutschland wird seine Autos in anderer Laender (z.B., in Polen und in der Ukraine) herstellen.

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