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ATK Launches Force-on-Force Training System for Military and Law Enforcement Markets

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MINNEAPOLIS -- Alliant Techsystems, has unveiled a new training system for military and law-enforcement markets. ATK's Force-on-Force training system uses a marker round that is fired from duty weapons equipped with special 9mm conversion kits, also developed by ATK.

The Force-on-Force training system is the most complete product line ever developed for military and law enforcement markets.

Using ATK's Force-on-Force system, trainees engage each other in realistic scenarios while wearing protective clothing that prevents injury, yet allows them to feel the impact if they are "shot" during the exercise.

"The accuracy and realism of ATK's Force-on-Force training system gives the military and law-enforcement communities a terrific new way to train and ensure they are prepared for the real-world situations they will encounter," said Mark DeYoung, President, ATK Ammunition Systems Group. "We developed our Force-on-Force training system after extensive consultation with the user community and firmly believe it will rapidly become a training system of choice for police departments across the country and in Europe, as well as fill a training role with our nation's military."

For added realism, ATK's Force-on-Force training round was developed by the company's engineers to be superbly accurate and create a muzzle flash when fired. ATK's Force-on-Force round is also the first of its kind to offer a completely lead-free propulsion system. This is an important consideration when training occurs in a confined indoor training facility.

In addition to the ammunition, conversion kits and clothing, ATK will provide professional training services and mobile "shoot houses" where Force-on-Force exercises can be conducted. Force-on-Force production will occur at ATK's facility in Anoka, Minnesota.


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