Gesellschaft fur Intelligente Wirksysteme mbH

Type of activity:

Kupferstrasse 4,
D-90478 Nurnberg

Phone: +49 911 46 2626 0
Fax: +49 911 46 2626 40

GIWS is a subsidiary of Diehl Munitionssysteme GmbH & Co. KG, Rothenbach and Rheinmetall DeTec AG, Ratingen (50% each).

Field of activity of the company is management, definition, development, maturation, production, sales and support of intelligent munitions. Core competence is management of development and production as well as world wide marketing and sales of complex ammunition systems in particular in the area of large calibre artillery weapons.

Moreover GIWS has developed experience in the area of high level robust components and systems as well as in system analyses and assessment of intelligent munition systems in ground and airapplications.

Product of GIWS is the Sensor Fused Munition for Artillery SMArt(TM) 155 (DM 702) and for several applications to other weapon systems.

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