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Computational Electromagnetics

Electromagnetic fields are present and play an essential role on the modern battlefield. Control over, and a good knowledge of these fields and their effects, is essential for the analysis and prediction of:

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC),

Radiation Hazard (RADHAZ),

Radar Cross Section (RCS),

Radiation Pattern Predictions,

Optimal Antenna Placement Analysis,

Inter Antenna/System Interference,


EMSS is a small company specializing in:

Consultancy on electromagnetics,

electromagnetic analysis of antennas,

design of antennas to prototype level,

antenna placement analysis,

development of a comprehensive CEM code FEKO,

extensions to the core CEM code for specialized applications.


FEKO ( is a comprehensive computational electromagnetics code (CEM code) being developed by EMSS. FEKO is based on the accurate "full wave" Method of Moments (MoM) technique and has been hybridised with two asymptotic high frequency techniques. This technique is required for the analysis of a very special, but very important class of problems: namely antenna analysis on large platforms (ships, aircraft and higher frequency antennas on vehicles).

Other special extensions to the MoM enable the analysis of dielectric bodies, planar multilayered structures (microstrip analysis), dielectric coated wires, EMC wire- and cable- modeling. Several techniques are used to make FEKO a very efficient CEM code, these include the use of symmetry, fast algorithms, interpolation tables, parallel processing, and iterative matrix solution procedures. Complex geometries can either be defined with powerful and easy-to-use geometry cards or FEMAP a professional CAD interface which can also import several commonly used CAD formats (ACIS, Parasolid, IGES, SAT and DXF) and mesh information from NASTRAN, ABAQUS and I-DEAS.


The comprehensive implementation of the robust method of moments and all the special extensions and functionalities added to FEKO enables the analysis of a wide range of EM problems.

Antenna Analysis

Wire-antenna, Horn-, Aperture-, Reflector-, Phased Array Antennas.

Antenna Placement

Interference of platforms with antenna characteristics. The hybrid MoM/PO/UTD implementation enables the analysis of electrically large structures. Optimization of radiation patterns and minimization of inter antenna interference.


The comprehensive MoM implementation enables the analysis of complex real-life problems. (Lumped RLC circuit, coated wires, lossy dielectric media and lossy conductors.) FEKO is extensively used in the automobile and aerospace industry. FEKO and CableMod can be used for the analysis of EMC problems associated with interconnecting cables.

Microstrip Antennas

Special Green's functions for the analysis of multilayered dielectric and metallic media.

Dielectric Media

FEKO has an advanced capability for the analysis of antennas close to dielectric media or dielectric structures. This has found wide application in the field of specific absorption rate (SAR) calculations for the assessment of Radiation Hazards.

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