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HAVELSAN as a global software and systems company, serves in IT and defence markets worldwide and develops its core capabilities in C4ISR (Command, Control, Communication, Computer, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance - C4ISR), Simulation and Training Simulators, Interoperability, Information Security, Management Information Systems fields. The company focuses on analysis, design, development and integration of complex and large information systems with its expertise, skill sets, synergy and teamwork; adopted a systematic approach to meet growing customer demands for comprehensive, interoperable solutions. On reaching a 500 million USD business volume and 50 million USD revenue, the company leads the local IT market with 36.6 per cent market share.

Artillery Forward Observer and Fire Administration Center Simulator

The simulator provides forward observers and fire administration personnel with required training which makes them capable to use artillery fire power in desired place and time.

On different land images, with fixed and moving targets, constituting scenarios, target determination and making fire request

Creating real battle environment with image and sound effects

Having used every caliber mortar and compositions of bullets and fuses; their effects on target have been investigated.

Mortar Simulator

Mortar Simulator; provides forward observers, mortar crew and fire administration personnel with required training that makes them capable to use mortar fire power in desired place and time.

Mortar Simulator Classroom

Fire Planning Training Console is an instructor station

Visual System, constituted with database and object which are in accordance with the scenario prepared on 3-dimensional ground images

Ballistics Module; Having taken into consideration different weapon and bullet types military ammunition combinations selected with ballistic calculations with respect to different and atmospheric conditions; ballistic calculations are achieved.

Sound System; Provides battle environment sound effects, explosion and flight effects three dimensionally

Fire Administration Computer; This system informs fire planning training console about the calculation which is performed in order to transformation of target information coming from observers into fire command.

Mortar Weapon System; transfers mortar weapon position by means of control box placed on weapon and achieves firing.

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