Manufacturer: Ratmil Regie Automoma  
Product type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Wheeled armoured personnel carrier  

In the late 1960s, the Romanian Socialist Army (ASR) approached the Military Industrial Committee of COMECON with the request to licence produce the Russian BTR-60PB (8x8) APC. This request was granted and the first model, called TAB-71, entered production in 1970 and was first seen in public during a military parade in Bucharest held in August 1972. Production was originally undertaken by RATMIL but today this company is known as ROMARM.

The TAB-71 was replaced in production by the TAB-77. A total of 168 are in service with Romania. Production of the TAB-77 has been completed and it is no longer marketed. Description

The TAB-71 is very similar to the Russian BTR-60PB (8 × 8) armoured personnel carrier but the two 90 hp petrol engines, which give a power-to-weight ratio of 17.47 hp/t, have been replaced in the TAB-71 by two more powerful 140 hp petrol engines.

The TAB-71 retains the central tyre-pressure regulation system, amphibious capability, front-mounted winch and NBC system of the Russian vehicle.

In addition to the hatches above the commander's and driver's positions there is a door on either side of the hull above the second/third roadwheels and two rectangular roof hatches.

Production of the TAB-71 (8 × 8) APC and variants was completed some time ago. It was followed in production by the TAB-77 APC which is covered in detail in a separate entry. Variants


The main improvement is the reworked hull rear and the installation of the two French Saviem 797-05 diesel engines developing 130 hp each, which are also installed in the TAB-77. There is also a small hatch between the second and third axles either side.

The locally developed turret is armed with a 14.5 mm KPVT machine gun, which has the local designation of the MTB, with a 7.62 mm PKT machine gun being mounted coaxially. There is a distinctive gun sight mounted on the left side of the turret. This one person manually operated turret is also fitted to the TAB-77 (8 × 8) and TABC-79 (4 × 4) APCs, and the full tracked MLVM Mountaineers Combat Vehicle. Details of this vehicle, which are only used by Romania, are given in a separate entry. Production of the MLVM was completed some time ago.

TAB-71AR mortar carrier

This version has its turret removed and instead is fitted with an 82 mm mortar (the Russian-designed M-1937) that fires through the roof of the vehicle after opening the circular roof hatches. To the rear of the mortar hatches are two rectangular roof hatches, one on the right and one on the left, to the rear of which the 7.62 mm PKMS machine gun is mounted. This is also referred to as the TAB-73 and carries 100 mortar bombs.

TERA-71L maintenance and recovery

This vehicle has been modified for the maintenance and recovery role. The enclosed troop compartment is at the front, with an open compartment in the centre and the engine compartment at the rear.

The light hydraulic crane is normally traversed to the front when not in use. Armament comprises a 7.62 mm PKMS machine gun.

TAB-71A R-1450 command vehicle

This has been modified for the armoured command role with additional communications equipment. In addition to the normal antenna at the front right side, it has a second antenna on the left side of the hull roof.

TAB-71A R-1451 command vehicle

This is modified for the armoured command role and has a different turret armed with a 7.62 mm PKT machine gun, a box (which may be for a generator) on the right side of the roof and four antennas (one of these being a pole type) on the right side of the hull roof.

The signals equipment is the R-401M and R-1451. The turret is unarmed but has a small crane for the removal of batteries.

TAB-71A R1 1452 command vehicle

This is modified for the armoured command role with additional communications equipment and externally is similar to the previous model.

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