M60 Phoenix

Manufacturer: King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB)  
Product type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Modernization of the vehicle  

Product Description

The Phoenix Project addresses both immediate and emerging operational threats to the M60 Main Battle Tank using a modular and flexible approach to improve shoot-on-the-move capabilities, as well as increased lethality, mobility, and survivability. These upgrades are achieved at low technical and operational risk and at low cost.

Pre-upgrade Status

Post Upgrade Status

Upgrade Specifications

True shoot-on-the-move capability, day/night target acquisition, and improved first round hit probability are achieved

with Raytheon's Integrated Fire Control System (IFCS) upgrade.

Significant improvement in the firepower and lethality of the current M60 platform is achieved through the replacement

of the M60 105 mm rifled cannon with RUAG Land Systems L50 120 mm smooth-bore Compact Tank Gun (CTG).

Improvements in M60 acceleration and cross-country capability are achieved with the mobility upgrade provided by

General Dynamics Land Systems.

Survivability is improved through the addition of the armour protection scheme for both the M60's turret and the hull.

The protection scheme can be reconfigured to changing threat conditions.

Surveillance and fire control

One pulse / second rate

200 - 9,995 m range

One million shot life

Linear cooler

240X4 detectors

Two-axis, stabilised line of sight platform with a director system.

With electrical resolver

Replaces mechanical ballistic drive

Laser Warning Device

95 % Single pulse;

99 % Multiple pulse threats.

Gun Parameters


Man-ready Ammunition Containment unit

20 rounds ready-rack storage

Digital motor drive unit

EM Traverse mechanism assembly

Fully developed turret control and stabilisation software


Property Value
Main weapon caliber (mm)
Barrel length (calibres)

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M60 Phoenix
M60 Phoenix
M60 Phoenix
M60 Phoenix
M60 Phoenix
M60 Phoenix
M60 Phoenix