9M117M1-3 Arcan

Manufacturer: KBP Instrument Design Bureau  
Product type: Ammunition  
Name: Missile  

To improve combat effectiveness against modern and future tanks, the 100115 mm rounds with the 9M117 guided missile are subjected to modernization. The works resulted in the development of a family of rounds comprising the 3UBK23-1, 3UBK23-2, 3UBK23-3 designed for firing from the T-55, T-62 tanks guided weapons and from the BMP-3 IFV.

The 9M117M1-3 Arcan rounds can reability destroy tanks (such as the M1A1, Merkava-3, Leopard-2, T-84), that are the basis of the tank parks in the most advanced countries, at course angles of more than 30. The engineering solutious realized in the Arcan are used to update the 125-mm rounds. The weight-and-size dimensious of the 125-mm round are analogues to the series-produced round. Its operation and feed into the loader are similar to those of the series-produced version.

Currently KBP is engaged with the development of the 105-mm round for the L-7 type gun.

Included in:
Product Amount
3UBK23-3 (Round)

9M117M1-3 Arcan