Manufacturer: Romanian Military Equipment and Technologies Research Agency  
Product type: Optronic Countermeasure Systems  
Name: Laser warning system  


This laser and radar illumination warning system has been developed by the EW Systems Division of the Romanian Military Equipment and Technologies Research Agency to provide individual protection for armoured vehicles such as MBTs, ICVs and APCs.

The system is claimed to reduce vehicle vulnerability against various anti-tank weapon systems that use active radio location and/or laser illumination as their primary method of guidance.

The system has been designed to detect laser and radar illumination, determine source type and direction and alert the crew about the danger so that action can be rapidly taken, for example manoeuvre out of the way, return counter fire to netutralise the effect and/or generate a smoke screen.

The main components of the system are the laser detector head unit, radar detector head unit, central processing unit, interconnection cables and elevating mechanism.

The sensor head is normally mounted on the roof of the vehicle to provide adequate coverage for the sensor elements and radar with signals from the laser or radar detector head unit being routed via a signal cable to the central processing unit which is normally installed in the turret near the commander's position.

The central processing unit provides visual and audio indication that the vehicle has been detected. For laser illumination 24 directions are indicated while for radar detection 12 directions are indicated. Both single and pulsed types of illumination are covered.

The system enables automatic, semi-automatic or manual discharge of smoke grenades. When not required the mast mounted sensor pod can be rapidly lowered into the horizontal position.


Development complete. Production as required.

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