Manufacturer: Buck Neue Technologien GmbH  
Product type: Screen Laying Systems  
Name: Self-screening system  


Buck has been engaged in the design, development and production of smoke and other screening grenades for many years. In 1990, Buck was awarded a contract by the German Army for the development of a new defensive infra-red screening smoke device for the Gepard twin 35 mm self-propelled anti-aircraft gun system and the Roland self-propelled surface-to-air missile system.

The new Buck self-protection system can fire up to four salvos of infra-red screening smoke without reloading as compared to just one salvo with the current 76 mm system fitted to the Roland and Gepard air defence systems.

The Buck self-protection system was type classified by the German Army and was expected to be fitted to the Gepard and Roland systems as part of a major upgrade. As of mid-1999 it is understood that this part of the upgrade has not taken place for financial reasons.

The system uses a magazine principle, with each magazine being loaded with four submunitions. This provides for the total screening in visible and infra-red wavelengths within 1.5 seconds. The submunitions have two separate payloads for short reaction and long duration with the smoke being of the non-toxic type.

In addition, Buck has developed together with Swiss Munition Enterprise, a new 76 mm infra-red screen smoke grenade which can be fired from the launcher fitted to existing MBTs such as the Leopard 2.

This grenade is called the 76 mm infra-red screening smoke grenade RP and has a reaction time of about 1 second.

The grenade is 245 mm long and weighs 1.65 kg, having a smoke emission time of between 40 and 60 seconds. The payload is designed to provide protection in the visual and infra-red spectrum. It has two separate submunitions for short reaction and long duration. It is claimed that this grenade is effective against all laser beams.

In 1992, Buck also demonstrated its new Multiple Launch Dispenser System (MLDS). In a typical land application this can be mounted on a trailer towed by a truck and be used for offensive/defensive purposes.


Development of the self-protection system has been completed. In 1994, after successful completion of trials, the system was granted technical clearance for

procurement by the German Army. The private venture trailer-mounted system is still at the prototype stage.

Property Value
Main weapon caliber (mm)

Included in:
Product Amount
GEPARD 1A2/PRTL (Anti-aircraft system)
Leopard 2A6 (Main battle tank)