1070F HET

Manufacturer: Oshkosh Truck UK Ltd.  
Product type: Auxiliary Vehicles  
Name: Truck  

The newest heavy equipment transporter from Oshkosh Truck is more powerful than ever with a 700-horsepower engine. And, it's the first and only one to be fully compliant with all applicable European road regulations, including Euro III engine compliance. With a 72-ton payload, this powerhouse was specially designed for the U.K. Ministry of Defence to haul the Challenger II battle tank or armoured vehicles and self-propelled guns.

Oshkosh Truck has built nearly 2,000 HETs since 1992. This configuration is partnered with a King GTS100 Heavy Equipment Trailer to provide remarkable transportation capacity for the Ministry of Defence logistics fleet.

Property Value
Engine power output (h.p.)
Payload (kg)

1070F HET