Manufacturer: Chatten Associates, Inc.  
Product type: Vision Devices  
Name: Vision device  

The three-axis Head-Aimed Remote Viewer (HARV) was specifically designed for head-aiming and motion-stabilized applications.

In head-aimed applications, the HARV provides a compelling level of telepresence. DARPA and Army testing shows that the HARV creates a several-fold increase in situational awareness and decision speed. Our head-aimed vision process harnesses the natural visual processing capability of the human mind at an unconscious level. The result is a three to four times increase in mission effectiveness and tele-robotic productivity.

Video is available of tests under DARPA and ARL contracts, measuring this increase in mission performance.

For motion-stabilized applications, there is no smaller, lighter, or less expensive three-axis system with dual camera payload.

System Overview:

Included in:
Product Amount
MAARS (Robot, Unmanned Vehicle)
TALON (Robot, Unmanned Vehicle)

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