Manufacturer: Avibras Industria Aerospacial S/A  
Product type: Weapons & Weapon Systems  
Name: Multiple rocket launcher  

This unguided surface-to-surface rocket, which is manufactured on an as required basis by AVIBRAS, has the Brazilian Army designation FGT108-RA1 and is fitted with a single-stage solid propellant motor with a thrust of 1,250 kg. It is spin stabilised in flight by one central and six canted rocket nozzles. The motor burns for half a second to attain a maximum velocity of 409 m/s at burnout.


The rocket is launched from the X2A1 trailer launcher, which has 16 1.1 m long tubes. The launcher, also manufactured by AVIBRAS, weighs 530 kg empty, 802 kg loaded and is 2.95 m long, 1.6 m wide and 1.37 m high. The wheelbase is 1.4 m and the tyre size 5.00 × 16. The launcher is normally towed by a ¾ ton 4 × 4 vehicle. It can also be airlifted by helicopter. The maximum rate of fire is 2 rds/s. The elevation is -1 to +50 and the traverse is 12. A 50 m cable is attached to the launcher for firing purposes. The maximum height of the rocket's trajectory is 4,000 m. The crew consists of four and reloads are carried in 16-round glass fibre containers. A battery will normally have four launchers each having at least 64 rockets available on its towing vehicle.

Property Value
Main weapon caliber (mm)
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