Manufacturer: IRDAM SA  
Product type: Fire Control Systems  
Name: Meteorological sensor  

The meteorological sensor MAWS6056HC is a powerfull instrument measuring the weather conditions. This intelligent and sturdy device used for ballistic correction or weather monitoring measures in a permanent way :

The high precision weather sensor MAWS6056HC answers quickly the variations of wind and measures from the slightest breath. The measurements provided by the weather sensor are transmitted by a serial link RS-422 (or MilCAN bus on request) to the NBC suite (or other) of the vehicle. Thanks to an integrated electronic compass, the wind direction is always indicated related to magnetic North.

This weather sensor supports without any problem shocks and vibrations. It does not require any particular maintenance.

As an option, this weather sensor can be equiped with our digital ground temperature sensor (TEMPEX). It is robust, compact, automatic and without any moving parts.

The weather sensor MAWS6056HC belongs to the series of Military Automatic Weather Sensor (MAWS) 6056. The sensors 6056 are the outcome of more than 20 years of experience and research, whose principle of operation demonstrated its reliability and its performances on armoured and NBC vehicles worldwide.